Pass Plus courses in Plymouth and the surrounding area.

Pass Plus – What is it?

Pass Plus is a scheme that aims to address the problems that new drivers encounter. The statistics for drivers who have recently passed their Driving Test reveal the following:

  1. The chances of a driver having an accident in the first two years of driving are higher than at any other time in their driving career.
  2. In the first year of driving one driver in five is involved in an accident.

The impact of this is that insurance premiums for new drivers are very high, but more importantly new drivers are at a high risk of adding to the accident statistics.

This may seem like it is unfair after you have worked so hard to get your license, but the real reason for this is just a lack of driving experience.

Pass Plus aims to address this by providing 6 modules on subjects not covered in the driving test and by developing your approach to more complex situations

The modules are...

Town Driving
This further develops your hazard awareness and defensive driving

All weather driving
Introduces some techniques to help you with adverse weather conditions – something we all need in this country!

Driving Out of Town
The majority of your driving has been done in town while under training this module introduces the unique features of driving out of town – as you will understand there are differences between driving in Plymouth and driving across Dartmoor.

Night Driving
Night driving brings it own unique problems, and advantages. This module shows you how to cope with these.

Driving on Dual Carriageways
These are challenging roads to drive on, you will have driven on some but this module will increase your confidence on these roads.

Driving on Motorways
As a learner you will not have driven on these roads – They are very safe to use as long as you follow the rules. The theory you will already know however this will give you the opportunity to put it into action.